Pvc Sheath Construction Power Cable 3 Core 185mm2 And 95 Mm2 Cables For Underground

Product name: pvc sheath construction power cable 3 core 185mm2 and 95 mm2 cables for underground Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name:Guangdong Cable Insulation Material:PVC Type:Low Voltage Application:Industrial Conductor Material:Copper Jacket:PVC Trade term:EXW/FOB/CIF...

Product Details


1. The long-term allowable operating temperature of the conductor must not exceed 70oC.

2. The maximum short circuit of the conductor ((less than 5 seconds) temperature must not be higher than 160oC.

3. The cable is not subject to horizontal drop when laying, and the ambient temperature must not be lower than 0oC.

4. Perfect chemical stability, acid, alkali, grease and organic solvents, as well as flame retardancy.

5. Light weight, good bending performance, easy installation and maintenance.


Insulation Material:PVC




Conductor:Copper Core


Rated voltage:600/1000 Volts  


Type:Low Voltage


Two/three or four insulated conductors are assembled with the inner sheath and the non-hygroscopic filler is laid with a PVC extruded layer on the assembly. In the case of non-armored cables, this layer can be omitted

Armored aluminum/galvanized steel wire, single-core cable shall be aluminum wire armored, aluminum/steel tape, applied to the cushion of multi-core cable according to IEC 60502 spiral.