0.6/1 Kv Construction Power Cables 4 Core 10mm And 6mm Pvc Insulation Cable For Philippine

Product name: 0.6/1 kv construction power cables 4 core 10mm and 6mm pvc insulation cable for Philippine Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name:Guangdong Cable Insulation Material:PVC Type:Low Voltage Application:Industrial Conductor Material:Copper Jacket:PVC Trade...

Product Details


1) Laying temperature:≥0℃

2) The continuous permissible operating temperature of conductors shall not exceed 90 ℃.

3) During short circuit (lasting less than 5 seconds) the maximum temperature of the cable conductor shall not be above 250℃

4) Bending Radius


Insulation Material:PVC




Conductor:Copper Core


Rated voltage:600/1000 Volts

Type:Low Voltage


Storage and transportation

When the cable is stored, it should be packaged to avoid long-term outdoor sun exposure. The ends of the cable are reliably sealed. It is not allowed to be stored in a humid environment for a long time and the panel cannot be placed flat. When transporting, the height should be considered and fixed effectively. When lifting, several plates are not allowed to be hoisted at the same time. It is strictly forbidden to push down from a high place.