XLPE Insulated Halogen-free Low Smoke Flame-retardant Power Cable

- Oct 15, 2017-

They are suitable for using in the circumstance with fairly strict flame retardant and environmental protection requirement,such as high-rise buildings,hospitals,subways and shopping malls.


1) The temperature of laying cable is not lower than 0oC.

2) Max. continuous normal operating Temperature: 90oC

3) Max. permissible temperature at short circuit (5s. at longest): 250oC.

4) Permissible bending radius:

Single core: ≥20(d+D)±5%.


(D is the actual overall diameter of cable, and d is the actual overall diameter of conductor).

1.Standard: IEC 60502

2.Rated Voltage((U0/U):0.6/1kV, 3.6/6kV,3.8/6.6(7.2)kV,6/10(12)kV,6.35/11(12)kV,8.7/10(15)kV,8.7/15(17.5)kV,12/20(22)kV,12.7/22(24)kV,12.7/22(24)kV,18/30(36)kV,19/33(36)kV