The Products Are Used To Transmit And Distribute Power In Transmission And Distribution System Of 110kV Or Lower.

- Oct 07, 2017-

Operating Property:

1. Installation temperature: ≥0°C

2. Long-term permissible operation temperature: ≤90°C

3. Under the condition of short circuit (the max. continuing time should not exceeding 5 seconds), the max. operation temperature:250°C

4. Minimum bending radius: Single-core cable: 20 X overall diameter; Multi-core cable: 15 X overall diameter

5. Suitable environment: Direct burial in the ground and the capacity of bearing certain mechanical force, not be proper in the pipeline.


1.Standard of Production: IEC 60840 AS/NZS1429.2 VDE 0276-632

2.Rated voltage: 38/66kV, 48/66kV,64/110kV

3.Shape of Conductor: round ,sectored

4.Number of cores: Single

5.Nominal Section Area:240SQMM, 300SQMM, 400SQMM, 630SQMM, 800SQMM, 1000SQMM, 1200SQMM, 1400SQMM, 1600SQMM, 1800SQMM, 2000SQMM, 2500mm2.

We mainly also supply the following medium Voltage Al or Cu/XLPE/CTS/STA/PVC armoured Cables