Single Core Copper Conductor

- Sep 30, 2017-

Description :

6491X PVC Insulated wire is a low voltage single core, PVC insulated copper conductor with an additional PVC oversheath for physical protection.Designed for use in light industrial and domestic wiring. These cables are particularly suited for installation as meter tails and are intended for fixed installation in dry or damp premises.


PVC electric wires can be installed in conduit, in cable trunking and in cable ducting. Or where there is deemed little risk of mechanical damage these cables can be clipped direct, on cable tray, embedded or in free air. These cables are not intended to be laid underground.


1.Conductors: Solid or stranded plain annealed copper wire (class 1 or class 2) to BS, EN 60228.

2.Insulation: PVC;

3.Sheath: PVC;

4.Voltage rating (U0/U) 300/500V;

5.Max. Conductor temp 70°C;

6.Min, bending radius 4 x overall diameter of cable.

PVC Insulated PVC Sheathed Electric Wiring Cables (300/500V),6181Y Single Core copper conductor specifications(data sheet,table,full form)

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