Safety Requirements For Power Cable

- Aug 30, 2017-

1. When the cables intersect with each other, the high-voltage cable should be below the low-voltage cable. The minimum allowable distance is 0 if one of the cables is in the 1m range before and after the crossing point is protected or separated by a clapboard. 25m.

2. When the cable is near or crossed with the thermal pipe, the minimum distance between the parallel and the cross is 0, if there is thermal insulation measures. 5m and 0.25m.

3. The cable shall be protected from crossing the rail or road, and the protective tube shall be stretched out of orbit or 2m of pavement.

4. The distance between the cable and the building Foundation shall be able to ensure that the cable is buried outside the building apron, that the cable should be protected when it is introduced into the building and that the protective pipe should be outside the building apron.