Computer Shielded Cable We Can Produce(Guangdong Cable Factory CO. LTD.)

- Sep 25, 2017-

In order to enhance product Research & Development and manufacturing capabilities, the company not only has drum twisting machine of China's largest diameter, but also has introduced the most advanced production equipment from developed countries and regions, such as 1-35kV of the United States and their triple co-extrusion production line, the UK's silicone rubber continuous vulcanization production line, Taiwan's pre-branch cable production lines. In addition, the Group has introduced the partial discharge testing system and on-line partial core measuring instrument from the United States and Germany one after another, and established the domestic first-class wire and cable burning and fire-resistant properties laboratory.for industrial automation instrumentation we introduced most advanced lathes from Germany.
Computer Shielded Cable (Cable for DSC system) is used as connection cable of inspection devices and instruments with high demand on interference resistant performance in computer net-work and control sys-tem.Its products and services are well-recommende by all the users.