Pvc Electrical Copper Cable Double Insulated Wire Types Per Meter For Decoration Use

Pvc Electrical Copper Cable Double Insulated Wire Types Per Meter For Decoration Use

Product name: pvc electrical copper cable double insulated wire types per meter for decoration use Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: GUANGDONG CABLE Type: PVC Insulated Application: Overhead, Housing Used Conductor Material: Copper Conductor Type: Stranded flexible...

Product Details


For fire prevention, maintenance and safety, it is best to use the national standard copper core wire. The wire slot area is generally: 1.5 square millimeters for lighting, 2.5 square millimeters for socket, and 2.5 square millimeters for air conditioning. Use 4 square millimeters), connect the negative line (neutral/ground) with green and yellow two-color lines, and connect the switch lines (fire lines) with red, yellow and blue. However, the color usage of the lines used in the same home improvement project should be consistent.


Type: PVC Insulated                                                            

Conductor Material: Copper Conductor                               

Insulation Material: PVC                                                      

Conductor: Copper Core 

Material: Copper                                                                  

Rated Voltage: 300V/500V                                                  

Type: Stranded flexible

Color: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Black 

 Insulation: Double PVC 

Rated voltage 450/750v and below pvc wire and cable

This product adapt to AC rated voltage (Uo/U)450/750 and below power, household appliances, instruments, small power tools, power lighting, etc.

Operating characteristic

1. Laying temperature ≥0℃

2. Cable woring temperature:the maximum working temperature of 60227IEC07(BV-90),60227IEC08(RV-90) is 90℃,other is 70℃.

3. Bending radius:D<25mm,should not less than 4D;D≥25mm,should not less than 6D.