2 Core 4 Mm Copper Multi Cable Electrical Copper Wire for Home Appliance Use

2 Core 4 Mm Copper Multi Cable Electrical Copper Wire for Home Appliance Use

Product name: 2 core 4 mm copper multi cable electrical copper wire for home appliance use Standards BS4737: Insulated cables, PVC insulated for intruder alarm systems NEC 725/800: CM / CL 1. Application: The 450/750 V copper conductor EPR insulated rubber cable used for household electrical...

Product Details


1. Excellent performance, made of PVC material, wear-resistant and waterproof, good flame retardancy

2. Complete specifications, Unicorn cable sheathing line uses oxygen-free copper, low resistance, good conductivity

3, excellent structural design, PVC material has good flexibility and good flame retardant performance

4. National standard oxygen-free copper core, stable conductivity, good heat dissipation, low resistance

The most direct cause of cable failure is a breakdown of insulation and breakdown. There are many factors that lead to the reduction of insulation. According to the actual operating experience, it can be summarized as follows:

1. External force damage. Judging from the operational analysis in recent years, especially in Haipudong, where the economy is developing at a high speed, quite a number of cable faults are now caused by mechanical damage. For example, when the cable is laid and installed, the construction is not standardized, which is easy to cause mechanical damage. It is also very easy to damage the cable during operation by constructing the civil construction on the directly buried cable. Sometimes if the damage is not serious, it will take several months or even several years to cause the damage to be completely broken down to form a fault. Sometimes the damage may be caused by a short-circuit fault, which directly affects the safe production of the electricity unit.

2. Insulation is damp. This situation is also common and generally occurs at cable joints in direct buried or drained pipes. For example, if the cable joint is not qualified and the joint is made under humid climatic conditions, the joint will be filled with water or mixed with water vapor. After a long time, water branches are formed under the action of the electric field, which gradually damages the insulation strength of the cable and causes malfunction.

3. Chemical corrosion. The cable is directly buried in the acid-base area, which often causes the cable armor, lead or outer sheath to be corroded. The protective layer is chemically corroded or electrolytically corroded for a long time, causing the protective layer to fail and the insulation to be lowered. Cable failure.